25 Years - 1993-2018

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At Thompson Fabricating Inc. we have taken pride in providing high quality containers and outstanding customer service for over 25 years.

We manufacture a wide variety of equipment that is utilized in industries such as Solid Waste, Construction and Demolition, Ferrous and Non Ferrous recycling, Paper, Plastic and Cardboard Recycling, Environmental, Lawn and Landscape and Oil and Gas extraction. This equipment includes Roll Off and Hook Lift containers, Recycling Containers, Receiving Containers, Sludge Containers, Lugger Containers, Vacuum Containers, Flat Beds, Front & Rear Load Containers, and Dump Bodies just to mention a few.

All TFI containers will provide years of reliable service due to the design and manufacturing processes, starting with the selection of the proper building materials, special attention is given to areas of high stress, and ending with proper weld placement and coating process. For the last 25 years our containers have proven to perform to the highest standards, providing extended trouble free service for our customers.

Container Exploded View

Part of what separates us from our competitors and any other manufacturer is the use of heavier gauge steel on the side walls of our Standard Rectangular containers, and the fact that all of our Rectangular Containers are built with the ROLLED BOTTOM these simple but effective attributes have helped TFI become a leading container manufacturer in the industry.

Please take the time to review our site, if you have any questions or would like to discuss any equipment in further detail please contact us with the information provided below.


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