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Steel Fabricators For the Waste Industry


Simple maintenance is the best way to get the most use and longevity out of your containers. By taking a few steps NOW that most others think are unimportant and ignore or often overlook can make your containers function well and last a lot longer! 

First start by keeping up with greasing all of your fittings. At TFI we put grease fittings on all movable parts. We install fittings in ALL Wheels both front and back located in the center of the axles, and on the gate hinges located in the center bushing. By taking a few minutes every other week or so depending on use, you can ensure that the wheels roll and the gate swings smoothly and more efficiently! 

Secondly the containers should be cleaned out properly after each use. Letting material build up over time inside the containers will cause the paint to deteriorate and cause the STEEL to rust. Paint life span on containers will vary due to climate, use and type of paint applied. If your container is abused and scratched by equipment when loading you should have the paint touched up right away to ensure that rusting will not start on the product! 

Thirdly when using and maintaining sealed containers there are a few key steps to take to ensure a maximum life span. Don’t forget to wipe the seal and inspected regularly after every use! By doing this you will be sure that your gate will function properly and be water tight. And lastly one of the biggest misconceptions and most abused part are the ratchet binders which hold the gate closed and roof panels down depending on the container type. Most think that the more they crank down the tighter it will be, some have gone as far as using a cheater bar to tighten past the strength of the human hand. The rubber P-SEAL used to gasket the containers can only be pressed so much before harmful stress is distributed elsewhere causing the chains to snap and binders to strip or break. The containers are built and tested to be functioned, both opening and closing ( sealing ), by hand and will work properly by doing so. There is no need to over tighten the binders! 

During down time all issues should be addressed all holes patched, side posts and moving parts that aren’t working properly repaired! New replacement parts should be bought pre-assembled and installed properly. Taking care of small issues in a timely manner and not letting them linger will save your container and wallet and ensure that your container will last longer and work properly for years.