Thompson Fabricating Incorporated
Steel Fabricators For the Waste Industry


As a manufacturer of Rolloff Containers our container prices are primarily driven by Hot Rolled Steel prices.


There are a variety of things that attribute to current steel prices, such as demand, import, trade cases, contract negotiations, weather, furnace closing or shut downs, scrap prices and union strikes. It is hard to predict how, if or even when any of these items will affect prices but there are a wide range of publications and analyzes that can be very helpful in forecasting futures.


Ferrous Scrap for September is forecast to move sideways (remain the same as Aug.) or drop $ 20.00 a ton.


We try to keep ahead of market fluctuations in order to stabilize container prices, by partnering with our supplier’s to lock down material based on current order totals and forecast of future orders and try to secure our steel at the lowest prices possible.


Steel prices for Hot Rolled steel are at lows that haven’t been seen since early 2009.  Forecast for the future are looking to trend upwards slightly thru the 1st qtr. of 2016.


So this means we will working very closely with our suppliers to stay ahead of market changes and order volumes and it may also be a good time for anyone that purchases or uses equipment made of steel to look at repairing or even replacing aging equipment while steel prices are down.