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After spending 17 years selling Containers in the waste industry the most commonly asked question from potential customer s that price shop is, HOW MUCH  ARE YOUR 30 YD. CONTAINERS?


Over the years I learned that most of these calls where based on 1 of 2 things

1) being the individual calling already had a price from their current supplier and wanted to double check that they were being given a fair price


2) that they were not happy with their current containers or supplier and where looking elsewhere to fill their needs.  But before they started the process all over again they want to make sure that they’re getting connected with an affordable supplier.


Either way as a salesman, I would always attempt to take the time to ask several questions to gather information about them and how they intend to use the containers, prior to shouting out a price.

Realistically 30 yd. containers can range in price from $ 3,200.00 to $ 4,400.00 (current market steel prices being the driving factor)

 If you just dropped a number on a customer they would either get really interested or just politely say thank you & I will let you know and that would be the end of the call.

So I learned early to engage and ask questions before shouting out a price, some people would take the time to answer your questions and discuss the uses of their containers and then some would say just a price for a standard 30 yd.  But as referred to in the Check your spec. blog posted 4/30/15 standard can mean so many things.

Following are the questions that I would typically ask a prospect that you may find helpful as you shop for containers.

What style container do you prefer (Rectangular or Bath Tub Style)

Is your hoist Cable or Hooklift setup?

What model hoist do you use to pull your containers?

Are you looking for Light Duty, Standard Duty or Heavy Duty container?

What material do you mainly haul in your containers?

What issues are you having with your current container?

Then I would explain certain options and features that may be of benefit to them.

Once these questions are answered, pin pointing an accurate price for a 30 yd. can be done a lot easier taking away the shock factor and it will also give the end user a containers that will fit their particular needs.

With so much information available to consumers today it is very easy to get caught up in looking at just the price, but I believe that you get what you pay for and by doing your homework and asking and answer questions you can usually come up with a vendor/product that is not only affordable but will also perform well for your situation and provide you with years of service.


The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Benjamin Franklin