Thompson Fabricating Incorporated
Steel Fabricators For the Waste Industry


     We recently are coming off our most productive year ever in the 23 year existence of the company. We believe that providing a quality product along with outstanding customer service were the key factors that drove our success in 2016. Not wanting to be complacent in 2017 we are looking into ways to get better. Moving forward we are developing plans internally and externally to gather info for improvement. Management is currently working together to restructure the training program for our welders. We are hoping this will have a twofold affect. First, a well-trained welder will allow us to produce higher quality containers more efficiently, and secondly to perfect our employee’s skills in different areas of the container building process.  We are hoping to gain external information through surveys which will be distributed to new first time customers after delivery has occurred. This will allow us to stay in touch with customers to gain valuable feedback on the entire container purchasing process, although still in construction phase we are working out final bugs to hopefully help us achieve our goals and should be up and running soon. 2017 has been great so far and we are really excited to see the new plans in motion to gather the results and work our way to another record year!