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Spring has arrived well according to the calendar anyway, and hopefully that means the snow shovels can finally be stored away until next year, but some folks in the Northeast may want to keep their’ s handy sorry. Here in Wheatland we experienced a very mild winter, but we are still looking forward to warmer temperatures, which are forecasted for nearly 70 degree by this weekend and we are ready for it.

With the warmer temps all types of outdoor projects seem to start taking place, such as lawn cleanup and fertilizing, landscaping. Home improvement projects such as decks, siding and roofing, and let’s not forget the much dreaded annual SPRING CLEANING rituals of the house and garage.  

When all of these projects start happening we start to see an increase in demand for the products we manufacture here at TFI. Some of our customers have taken the steps in advance to place orders for late March and early April delivery. While other plan their timing for May and June.

With our newly restructured employee training program as outlined in the Jan. 17th blog we feel we are ready to handle the increased work load, lead times will extend as we proceed through April but we will continue to provide the same quality and service as always.

Happy Spring to all and good luck with the remainder of our NCAA bracket or what’s left of it.