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Since my last blog regarding steel prices in Dec. we have seen the market continually rise over the 1st qtr. of 2016 as expected.

Now as we pear into the future we see scrap price rising $ 40 - $ 55 a ton in the early parts of April. The mills order books are filling up rather quickly and Hot Rolled Prices out of the mill are expected to be around $ 520 ton for May & even some mills are not opening their books for spot orders  for May and June yet due to not knowing what they will be paying for scrap in May & June.

With the effect of a few US mills, either temporarily or permanently idling operations is leading to supply issues, and the lengthening lead times from other mills are fueling the fire and creating a sense of urgency from buyers.

Forecast are showing prices remaining stable through the 2nd qtr. of 2016, and even possibly the 3rd. qtr. but as we have seen in the past things can change quickly and unexpectedly in the steel market, buyers need to stay on top of these changes or they could be leaving monies on the table.

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