Thompson Fabricating Incorporated
Steel Fabricators For the Waste Industry


                 Spring is just weeks away thanks to our friend Punxsutawney Phil. This means that the yearly spring rush will be upon us before we know it! Last year Thompson Fab experience record sales and anticipates having another comparable year, as we are currently ahead of where we were at this time last year. What this means to you the customer is as we get closer and closer to the weather change and orders are taken lead time for containers gets extended. If new containers are in the budget for 2016 take measures and stay ahead of the game and plan orders accordingly so that you can take on the jobs of early spring and summer with a full fleet of containers!

                Another key issue to consider now is the cost of steel. As we all know steel pricing over the past several months has plummeted to lows not seen since 2008/09. We have information from several mills that this will not last and that mills are calling for increases on sheet steel and structural immediately.

                Buying now makes more sense than ever and is a win/win situation as you will stay ahead of the lag and save money doing so. So when your calls for spring and summer jobs start rolling in you will be ready and have extra cash in your pocket.

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