Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment

Since the discovery of natural gas in Multiple Shale formations, drilling companies have expanded and continue to grow their operations across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Thompson Fabricating has come to the aid of these companies by meeting their design and fabrication needs.

We manufacture a wide variety of equipment to suit drilling needs. Such as our Sealed/Sludge containers, with or without the Side Roll Tarp systems, Vacuum Containers, and Open Top containers.

Thompson Fabricating Inc. has also met the demands of the Gas Industry by designing & manufacturing a wide variety of equipment, examples include Half round Mixing Containers, Rectangular Mixing Tanks, Shaker Tanks, Weir Containers, Base Oil Containers, Bayrite Mixing Towers, Solidification Tanks, Saw Dust Bins & our most popular selling container for the Oil & Gas Drilling Industry a sealed container with 2 piece Sealed Rolling Roof system.

The industry is constantly changing but Thompson Fabricating Inc. will continue to manufacture equipment that fits the needs of our customers, while providing outstanding customer service and manufacturing with the highest standards and quality!

Half Round Container for Gas Drilling Industry Rectangular Sealed Rolling Roof Roll Off Halfround Shaker Tank

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