Dump Bodies

Thompson Fabricating Inc. manufacturers dump bodies for most any industry and can custom fabricate them to fit the customer’s needs.

The most common types of dump bodies produced are for Roll Off or Hook Lift trucks. We also manufacture permanent mounts for Fifth wheel trailer beds and Tandem or Tri Axle beds.

As with any TFI product special attention is giving to those areas of high stress and all bodies are built to provide the customer with a high quality product that will perform to their needs.

Dump Bodies Dump Bodies Dump Bodies Dump Bodies

Options for Dump Bodies include

  • AR or T- 1 Plate
  • Top Hinge and Side hinge tailgate
  • Top Hinge Only tailgate
  • Side Hinge Only tailgate
  • Solid Weld Side post
  • Dirt Shedders between side post
  • Board Gussets on Top Rail
  • Weld on D- Rings Inside or Outside
  • Inverted angle on Top rail or inside of floor
  • Dirt Spreader below tailgate
  • Cab Protectors
  • Drop Side doors on landscape bodies