Front & Rear Load Containers

Front & Rear load containers can range in size from 1 Yd. up to 10 yd. and can easily be customized to fit your application.

Front and Rear load containers can be built with either the TFI Standard Duty Spec. of 10 ga. Floors, Side walls & Top rails or we also can offer a Light Duty version with 10 ga. Floor, 12 ga. Side walls and Top rails.

All containers are built with longevity in mind, special attention is given to areas of high stress with weld placement and reinforcing gusset to insure that the containers will provide years of worry free service.

Any containers can also be upgrade with heavier gauge material based on customer preference.

All TFI containers come standard with Dura Flex Double walled lids, ½” lid rods and ¾” drain plugs

Front & Rear Load Containers Front Load Container Rear Load Container Rear Load Container

Light & Standard Spec Sheet
Front Load Size Size Chart
Rear Load Size Chart
Standard TFI Color Chart