Lugger Containers

Lugger containers can range in size from 3 Yd. up to 24 Yd. TFI can easily customized any Lugger to fit your application.

Lugger containers are typically used in the scrap metal recycling industry, with features such as solid welds on the inside and outside of the container and reinforced corners. These containers can easily withstand the abuse associated with hauling heavy scrap metal.

Luggers can also be custom built to fit a variety of uses such as the disposal of Waste Water Sludge and Paper & Cardboard Recycling.

Lugger Containers
Lugger Containers
Lugger Containers

Lugger containers are built with the following specs.

  • 1/4” floors
  • 1/4” slope ends
  • 3/16” vertical ends
  • 3/16” side sheets
  • 5” channel supports on the outside
  • 2” lifting pins burnt through the 5” channel
  • Lifting pins to have 1/4” x 10” x 10” support plates on the inside of side walls
  • All seams are welded solid inside and out


  • Rear doors
  • Removable lids
  • Drain holes

Standard TFI Color Chart
TFI Lugger Container Size Chart