Storage Containers

Rectangular Storage containers are very popular with the construction & recycling industry as well as moving companies.

Contractors have found these containers very useful for on-site tool storage and mobile offices, as well as storage units for household and office furniture during renovation projects.

Storage containers are also being use in the recycling industry, some of the more common items the containers are used for include newspaper, cardboard recycling and e- recycling.

Storage containers can be built with either our Light Duty or Standard Duty specifications, with the most popular spec. being the Light Duty because of it being lighter weight. These containers typically have a steel A-frame design roof with a 6” peak at the center line, rear doors that are split vertically in the center with a center mount cam latch system.

Other options that are available include air vents on the side walls, E- track on the inside of containers for securement purpose, interior shelving, adjustable interior dividers and side doors.

Rectangular Storage Containers can be built to fit any size truck/hoist with either Cable Hookup or Hook Lift set up or a combination of both.

Storage Containers Storage Containers Storage Containers

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